For applications where a static charge could damage components, impare performance or cause an explosions, ABS-ESD7 allows for a static-dissipative thermoplastic.

Based on FDM material ABS-M30™, ABS-ESD7 prevents a buildup of static electricity for end-use components, electronic products, industrial equipment and jigs and fixtures for assembly of electronic components. Electronics manufacturers can expand the use of 3D printing onto the assembly line with this durable material that works with soluble support removal, enabling complex parts with no extra effort.

ABS-ESD7 lets electronics manufacturers expand the use of 3D printing onto the assembly line. Static dissipation also makes the material ideal for applications in the presence of powders, dust and mist that might otherwise be attracted to a plastic part.

Colours include black.

Take a look at the ABS-ESD7 spec sheet here.

Key Features

  • Unique mechanical properties to resist static build up and resistance to dust, powders and fine particles from sticking to the part.
  • Ideal for electronic products and circuit boards.
  • Exceptional tensile strength.

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